26 April 2011

Today I feel angry. I am angry at Americans. I am angry at the surprise so many feel when they realize that this country has been taken over by fascists. What the hell did you think was going on when Bush was illegally put into office? What the hell did you think was going on when Bush invaded Iraq, or when Obama maintained the Bush policies of torture and rendition? Come on people, wake up!

The republicans have been planning this takeover for years. Republican governors and legislatures are passing draconian laws, vilifying poor people, giving more tax cuts to the rich, allowing the corporations to blatantly buy elections, disenfranchising voters, etc. and democrats are complicit. Both democrats and republicans are essentially one corporate party, in case you haven't figured that out yet.

It is great that middle class people are finally feeling the squeeze and going out into the street. Finally! What took you so long?? You were too comfortable with your TVs and computers; your liberalism that allows you to feel like you are off the hook for the carnage this country has been wreaking around the world. Guess what...you are NOT off the hook, you are hanging on the hook like a piece of meat, and the wealthy maggots of Wall Street and "Government" are feeding on your carcass. They will eat every bit of you until there is nothing left. That is the price of complacency.

If people in this country are serious about reclaiming government and about refusing fascism, the time to act is now. We do not have the luxury of complacency, of waiting to see what will happen next because it is happening now.

Tax the poor masses to enrich the wealthy few. Exterminate the people of the middle east and northern Africa so we can take oil and other wealth from the land. Disassemble education, health care, any assistance, so that Americans will be poor and stupid and sick, and easily manipulated. That is the game plan that has been enacted by the republicans with the aid of the democrats, and it is working.

If my words make you uncomfortable, good. Maybe you'll do something instead of being a "good German" who sits back while the shit goes down.

And if my words piss you off, good. Maybe your head will clear and you will see through the haze. And if you decide that I am the problem because I am saying these things, go look in the mirror. There you will see the problem.

28 March 2011

Communication. We are about to enter one of this year's four periods of Mercury Retrograde, which means the planet Mercury is moving away from us effecting electronics, machinery, communications, scheduling and timing...some people believe in this stuff, some people don't.

Communication is a huge part of my life and I think all of our lives. Most of my work life has involved communication through speech and writing with other humans. Words. I think I am pretty good at using words to convey meaning. I have always found that it takes a great deal more intention and more words to accurately convey my thoughts than I would instinctually use, so I am very often engaged in the exercise of translating my own internal shorthand into a form that others can hopefully receive with my message intact. It's easier with writing because I can take my time, edit, proofread, but speaking with people is different. There is no editing once a thing has been spoken.

In this time of political uprising, communication is critical to effective constructive change. I encounter, over and over, people working for the same things but slowed down or stymied by ineffective communication. Often it seems that emotional reactivity is what's skewing the communication. That's the thing I find myself working on perpetually. And I see the same thing in others.

Here's to mindful communication!

10 March 2011

Please watch this, the whole thing.

06 March 2011

I do this radio show Paradigms every week, well most weeks. Sometimes I haven't got a show so I don't force it. But it's most weeks. I continue to amaze myself.I don't know how many people are listening, but I am putting out some good stuff that offers a lot of ideas and inspiration and real solutions for what ails us as a society, as a world. The quality of communication coming from guests on the show is so satisfying for me. I hope others are feeling fed. I sure am.

For instance, the show that will air on WBKM tonight. Usually I do interviews and combine them with music. Tonight is a broadcast of the panelists at yesterday's Town Meeting in Montpelier Vermont hosted by Senator Bernie Sanders. The topic was corporate personhood. The panelists were radio host and author Thom Hartmann, president of Public Citizen Rob Weissman, Professor of Constitutional Law Cheryl Hannah, State Senator Ginny Lyons, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream.

Anyone who listens to this show and checks out some of the links at the show's website will be educated on the history and ramifications of the Citizen's United decision, and will have tools to help reclaim this country from corporate domination. I hope a lot of people get involved!