16 November 2007

Thanks to the folks emailing about my gut with concern and remedy suggestions. I just got test results...no parasites. Waiting to hear about bacterial infection. Still dealing with the same symptoms. There is a stomach flu going around here with similar symptoms, but it doesn't make sense to me that I would have gotten it right after starting to drink the nasty water, and that the symptoms would persist for so many weeks. We'll see, eh?

In other news, if you haven't been to http://commondreams.org lately, I suggest you check it out.

14 November 2007

Currently dealing with digestive problems from bad water. The water tank where I stay turns out to have contained, in addition to water, numerous dead mice and lizards. My gut has been a mess for weeks. Today I went to the local ER and left some samples for analysis. I hope they find and identify whatever is making me sick, and prescribe the appropriate drugs ASAP. In the meantime I feel crappy. Literally. Not fun.

Other than my personal digestive drama, I've been quiet a lot, listening to my thoughts, clearing my head. That feels great.

I continue to keep abreast of the political situation(s) with a combination of morbid fascination, horror, disappointment, and understanding that there is a lot of momentum in play.

As more and more americans make it clear that they disdain the dictator Bush and his crew, I expect Bush will keep tightening the screws. Pakistan is like a preview of coming attractions.

What I really don't understand is the collaborators. How can Nancy Pelosi, or Diane Feinstein, just to name two, sleep at night? What have they been promised?

07 November 2007

During one of the three Samhain rituals I've been part of this last 10 days, the priestess asked "What breaks your heart open?" It's this world, and everything in it, everything about it, breaks my heart open, brings me to tears of grief and joy, fills me with the inspiration to keep offering and experiencing and being.

What breaks your heart open?

02 November 2007

I’m reading a book called “The Well of Rembrance” by Ralph Metzner. It was given to me by a friend who thought it would be helpful to me in gaining more understanding of the pagan history and legacy of Germany. I’m enjoying the book very much, and finding some of my own roots in the descriptions of migrations and divine forms. It gives me plenty to think about, including my experiences in Germany this past spring and summer.

I’m starting to make my plans for traveling to Italy in the winter and staying there for a number of months. I’ve been offered a housesit in a small medieval village between Genova and Nice FR, and after some very difficult decision making, choosing between offers of wonderful places to be, have decided to go to Italy. It’s too good to pass up.

For now I am still in California. Here are a few photos of my abode.