10 February 2020

Oh the irony!

Today I am thinking about the disgrace of Trump presenting Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Honor. A man with no honor presents another man with no honor a Medal of Honor.

It's beyond disgusting. The hypocrisy, the egoism, the perversion. Both Trump and Limbaugh are obscenities.

04 January 2020

A new year, same stupidity...

It seems pretty apparent that humanity is nowhere near consciousness.  We just keep doing the same stupid violent mean ignorant stuff, day after day, year after year.

It is 2020 and we STILL have corrupt politicians using war to hide their corruption and to satisfy their greed.  Still!!  How can this be?  How can we not have learned that, for instance , a Donald Trump belongs in prison not in public office?  What will it take for the world to reject the Putins and the MBSs and the rest of the psychopathic greedy bloodthirsty monsters in human form?  Why do the Americans and the Saudis and the Israelis and the Russians etc. not rise up and cast down their psychopathic "leaders" and make the world better for everyone?  I don't get it.

I was raised by parents who taught their children that we are all here to learn and to contribute to making it better for everyone, not just for a few, not just for "our own kind" but for everyone.  My life's work has been to help people to be healthier in mind and body so they can be their best selves. I've done this as a psychotherapist, a bodyworker, a teacher, and a radio broadcaster.  Like most of us, my contributions are a mere drop in the very huge bucket that is humanity.  I really wonder if what I do is of any value at all.  Is it worth continuing to do it? I really wonder.

Humanity keeps doing the same stuff over and over and over and, apparently, not learning from our experiences.  Sure there are billions of individuals doing wonderful life affirming beautiful acts every day in our villages and cities and wherever, but we are still allowing the truly insane minority to run the show.  I can only see this as a kind of herd stupidity.  I don't know how to wake the herd out of its stupor.  It seems to me that we will probably continue to be stupid until the final mistake is made, which may have already been made actually.  Eventually, probably sooner than later, our stupidity will catch up with us and we will finally once and for all burn down our house while we're inside it.  That's already in process too.

The psychopaths we call "leaders" all share something, it's an insatiable lust for power.  If we allow them to proceed unchecked, with no limits, then they will destroy everything.  They can't help it.  Look at their personal lives...disastrous, disconnected, filled with conflict and alienation.  Trump, Putin, Netenyahu, Modi, Bolsonaro, MBS, etc. these men are all psychologically deformed.  They are not wholly human, they are missing important pieces like empathy and the ability to reflect on one's own behavior, the kinds of things we make sure we teach our children.

How have we allowed such people to take power?  Are we blind? Lazy?  Stupid?  Each and every one of us is complicit in some way.  I say this not to blame or shame but to ask that we all look at how we are complicit in allowing, in the US for instance a Trump to take power, and fix it.  That means we need to speak up when religious or political extremists push their agenda in our town, on our school board, wherever they appear. We need to not allow them to do what they are doing. That means non-co-operation but it  is going to mean more than that.  Passivity isn't going to cut it.

The herd is stupid, and that doesn't seem to be changing, so we are left with our own individual hands, and what we can do with them.

26 October 2019

What are we doing here??

Tonight is the 40th Spiral Dance put on by the Reclaiming community, of which I am a part.  Thousands will gather to celebrate and honor the lives of the Beloved Dead during this time when, in many traditions, the veil is thin between the world of the living and the world of the dead.  We will be surrounded by altars for the directions, for the dead, for the living.  We will travel to the Isle of Apples, we will sing, and we will dance the spiral, looking into each others eyes as we share this moment of life.  It's a beautiful thing!

Do you ever ask yourself why you are here on Earth?  Do you ever ask yourself why here in this place where you are, and why now?

"Why" is a fun question because it has many layers.  The answers are many-layered too. 

What answers do you encounter, if any?

I've always been more interested in "How" and "What" because they are more functional questions, but "Why" is an invitation into one's own deep inner being, into the convoluted brain and all of the stories of who and what a person actually is.  We are human, we have bodies, we have minds and emotions, and we have awareness, but...what are we?  Does one's existence have meaning?  What is "meaning"?

Life as a human on Earth, in these times, depending on where one was born and into what kind of body, is a mixed bag of, well, everything.  There is joy, hopefully, and there is definitely suffering.  For some there is material plenty and for some there is not.  Some people experience a sense of purpose, direction, a path of being and doing that they embrace.  For some it is not so simple or easy.  We humans span the spectrum of possibilities.  And yet with all of that variety of experiences we have some things in common.  We all live in these bodies which have specific requirements.  We all have time...a little, a lot...but some time in which (most of us get to) breathe, feel, sense, think, exist. And in those moments or decades or whatever amount of time we have, we perceive ourselves in relationship with everything else in the lovely paradoxical dance of individualism and collectivism.

I invite myself and you to be conscious of all of this as we walk through the world.  Re-membering (making whole) our Selves and Each Other; that we are in this together as a whole lot of individuals, creating the world every day, every moment, through our actions, our emotions, our thoughts, and our awareness.

29 May 2019

Wey Valley Radio

There's nothing like live radio, and there's nothing like community radio!  It was a real treat for me to get to visit Wey Valley Radio in Alton Hants, UK.  Community radio is a labor of love, wherever you find it, bringing live music, local news, and fostering that feeling of community connection that is so vital to humans.

Tobiah, my friend and host here in the UK, was invited to be on Acoustic CafĂ© Radio at Wey Valley Radio 101.1 FM.  Along with the wonderful Colette O'Leary on accordion, and with fellow musical guest on the show DiElle.  The songs reflected the loving hearts of the musicians.  It was very special. Host Brian Player facilitated a wonderful 2 hours of music and conversation.  You can listen to the recording here.

If you are looking for real music, real information, brought to you by non-corporate people, find your local community radio station, and if you can't find one, start one!

Tobiah and Colette


I love working in radio, and as always, like to acknowledge the person who mentored me in radio, Greg Hooker, one of the best radio hosts, and a deeply decent human.