02 November 2018

Love and Hate in Brooklyn

People ask me "how are you?" and my answer lately is...I am both horrified and ecstatic. I am horrified to see the rising fascism around the world, including here in the US. I am also moved deeply by the responses to the horror. There is WAY more love than there is hate. There are WAY more people who want a peaceful society than there are who want violence and bigotry.
My own response to all this pendulates between rage and fear, and complete trust in the universe...and everything in between.
One thing I am choosing to act upon is the belief that I cannot fix the whole, me must do that collectively...but individually I can continue to do what I do which is to bring messages of inspiration and empowerment to people.
A very close friend just emailed me. The synagogue in his neighborhood in Brooklyn NY just experienced a racist graffiti attack, and the neighborhood is rallying with love and support. I am horrified that my friends children live near someone who is so hateful, and I am filled with love for my friend and his community.

07 October 2018

The Enchanted Island

It's hard to believe I have not posted here in nearly a year!  There will be more posts soon, but today I just want to share something with you.

The Enchanted Island is a story my mother read aloud to my brothers and me 55 years ago.  She knew it from a book she had as a child, one of The Bookhouse Books.

This story is suitable for all ages.  You'll love it, if you have kids they'll love it.

20 December 2017

Winter Solstice - Yule - 2017

Last night I attended a Solstice ritual led by Starhawk. It was just what I needed!

2017 has been rough in so many ways but for me, primarily, it’s been seeing the ugliness of nazism and white supremacy crawling out of hiding to poison the world. It’s been disappointing beyond measure, and I have been so angry! I have never in my life been so angry, or felt so punitive, so revengeful. It’s not been a fun ride.

The ritual did what rituals do...focus attention and energy, and help move some of that energy. Tonight will be the longest night, and then the days will start to lengthen again as the wheel turns. The long night is a great time to let go into the darkness of whatever one needs to release, and to welcome the return of the sun.

My own experience during the ritual led me to this...may 2018 be a year of justice! May we seek it and find it, create it and celebrate it, discuss it and share it. May 2018 be a year of justice for all!

Justice in this world is a tall order, but the reality is, it can only exist if we manifest it. From Palestine to Myanmar, from Washington DC to Moscow, from every heart to every other heart, in every mind, may Justice prevail. May Justice permeate our intentions and our deeds.


15 November 2017

Deer Crossing

This morning I was watching the river that flows by the place where I live, and on the other side of the river I saw a family of deer, buck doe and fawn.  The doe went first into the river to cross it, then the buck, then the fawn.  The doe crossed, the buck crossed, but the fawn was caught in the current and nearly drowned, and ended up turning back and barely making it out of the river.  I watched with trepidation.  I hoped the fawn would make it across safely, but it didn't.  It got out of the river and walked along the bank until it was out of sight.

Right before this happened a friend and I had been talking about how nature doesn't intend harm even in it's roughness, while humans can actually intend to cause suffering in others.

My stomach lurched when I thought the fawn was going to drown...watching a baby die, not exactly a good time, but it didn't die while I was watching.  I wonder if/how it will be reunited with it's family?